Life2Life is an organisation that was founded to educate and raise awareness of blood and organ donation primarily within the South African Jewish community. This includes the donation of blood, platelets, bone marrow, kidney donation and organ donation from a deceased person where appropriate. The organisation is founded on the principle in Jewish thought that a person that saves a life saves an entire universe. This principle is a fundamental principle in Jewish thought and overrides almost every other commandment, such is its centrality.

Life2life is endorsed by the Beth-Din.

Life2Life does not provide medical services but rather directs potential donors towards appropriate medical service providers who excel in their fields and will ensure the donor experience is as safe as possible as well as uplifting. In addition, life2Life aims to create a database of potential donors so that when a patient approaches the organisation in need of one of the above-mentioned medical donations, a potential donor can be identified and directed to the necessary medical facilities for further testing to become a direct donor.

Life2Life operates in accordance with the highest moral and ethical standards as required by both Jewish law and the law of South Africa and will not entertain any requests that are not in accordance with these laws. Life2Life is about life. Give blood. Give bone marrow. Give a kidney. Give life.

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