Stem Cells

Stem cells

Peripheral Blood Stem Cell (PBSC) Donation is a nonsurgical procedure. For days before the procedure the donor is given a drug that stimulates the production of blood stem cells. ON the day of donation the donor will go to a donation centre and be connected to a machine called an apheresis machine, also called a cell separator. Blood is taken from the donors arm into the machine and then returned to the patients other arm.

Inside the machine, only the blood-forming cells are collected and the remaining blood is returned to the donor’s other arm.One or two collections on consecutive days, each lasting 4-6 hours, may be required. Overnight hospitalisation is not usually necessary. A general anaesthetic is also not required for the procedure. Where appropriate, Peripheral Blood Stem Cells can be equally efficient and comparable to bone marrow for the recipient and are much less trouble for the donor.

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